Statement of Faith

What we believe …


The cross of Jesus, Perry BaptistThe full inspiration of the Holy Scriptures; their authority and sufficiency as not only containing but being in themselves, the Word of God. The Bible alone is fully reliable in fact and doctrine and is the final authority in all matters of faith and practice.


There is one God who exists externally in three distinct but equal Persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God is unchanging in His nature, being Almighty and Sovereign in Creation, Redemption and Providence.


The Lord Jesus Christ is fully God and fully Man. His virgin birth, sinless life, and authoritative teaching culminated in His atoning death on the cross as a sacrifice for the sin of the whole world. His bodily resurrection and ascension to heaven followed where He intercedes for His people in the presence of the Father.


The third member of the Trinity who indwells all believers and brings about regeneration, conversion, sanctification and assurance of salvation. He builds up the Church and empowers the members for worship, ministry and evangelism.


Created in the image of God but as a result of the fall every aspect of human nature has been corrupted and therefore a new birth is necessary for us to be reconciled to God.


All who believe in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord through repentance and faith are justified and adopted into God’s family and receive eternal life. Salvation is entirely a work of God’s grace.


The Universal Church is the Body of which Christ is the Head and to which all born again believers belong. The local church represents a community of believers committed in love for worship to God, preaching and outreach. Pastoral care, teaching and discipline are exercised, all in the spirit of Christ’s love. The Sacraments of Believers’ Baptism and the Lord’s Supper are practiced in obedience to Christ’s commands.


The personal return of the Lord Jesus Christ in glory. The judgement of the world will follow with eternal blessedness of God’s own people and eternal punishment of the wicked.